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Natalie Grants Seeks Prayers for Upcoming Thyroid Surgery

Natalie Grant

Christian singer Natalie Grant is expected to have thyroid surgery soon.

The singer will have to cancel shows between mid-October and November as she recovers from the surgery, which will remove tumors from her thyroid.

She said in a Facebook video post that doctors have been monitoring several tumors and nodules for years, but she has scheduled surgery for October 10.

“Anytime you hear the word ‘cancer,’ it is terrifying,” she said. “I’ve been told that Thyroid cancer, if you had to choose one, I don’t know anybody who would choose to have cancer, but if you had to choose one, thyroid cancer would be one that you would want to choose, because it is so treatable and curable.

“I’m asking you, would you pray for me?” she added. “Pray for my husband and my daughters, who are, of course, super concerned for their mama. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, for God’s grace and mercy on my voice,” Natalie Grant said.

Her “Celebrate Christmas” tour with Danny Gokey is still scheduled to start on November 30.

Grant’s hit songs include “Hurricane,” “Held,” and “I Will Not Be Moved.” She is also a five-time Dove Award winner for female vocalist of the year.