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Independence Day: Cleric Calls for Brotherly Love

Independence Day
Independence Day

The Bishop, Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion), The Rt. Rev. Dr. James Odedeji, has called on Christians, especially the Nigerian Church, to eschew anything that breeds disunity and discord, but rather promote brotherly love and harmony among one another.

The Cleric said this during the Independence Day Service at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral (AVMCC), Ikeja, Lagos. The service doubled as the National Harvest of the Cathedral.

Speaking during the sermon titled, “Victories and Open Heavens as Blessings of a United Congregation and Nation,” Odedeji reminded the Church that the major request of Jesus prior to his departure was that His disciples dwell together as one.

“The power of unity cannot be overemphasized,” he said. “Victories, open doors, open heavens and numerous blessings are possible if a congregation and nation remains united in one accord.”

Highlighting the advantages of a united church, the clergyman said, “Nothing good can happen when there are divisions, tribal sentiments and dissensions.

“The unity and fellowship of the early church led to genuine repentance and growth.

“The church of today has to return to the example laid by the early church, and lay aside tribal sentiments, segregation, factions, hatred and other ungodly vices.”

He pointed out unanswered prayers, increased carnality, stunted growth and development, gossips, ungodliness amongst the numerous consequences of a disunited church.

Odedeji felicitated with Nigeria on her 57th Independence Day, and prayed God to keep the nation.