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Daily Devotion: God’s Purpose – To Choose and Adopt Us

God's Purpose - To Choose and Adopt Us
Daily Devotion: God's Purpose - To Choose and Adopt Us


Read Ephesians 1:3-6


God gave David and Sheri Quirie of Lincoln, Nebraska, a strong desire to adopt internationally. After working with a trustworthy organization for years, their family now includes a son originally from China and a daughter who was born in Vietnam. The Quiries and many others believe that adoption is a powerful way they are called to demonstrate the love of Christ.

Today’s reading explains why: adoption is one way God showed His love for us! Ephesians 1:3–14, which we’ll take three days to cover, is a single sentence in Greek with 202 words! It has a trinitarian structure, moving from God the Father to God the Son to God the Holy Spirit.

The Father is described as taking three actions. First, He blessed us spiritually (v. 3). This umbrella statement encompasses the rest of the sentence. Second, He chose us before time began (v. 4). Our salvation was God’s sovereign choice, constrained by nothing, completely “in accordance with his pleasure and will.” He was under no obligation whatsoever. His grace is “freely given” and entirely unmerited by us (v. 6). Third, He predestined us for adoption into His family (v. 5; see Rom. 8:14–17). This is an astonishing indication of how deeply He loves us (see 1 John 3:1).

Further, God had three purposes in saving us. In relation to Himself, our purpose is “the praise of his glorious grace.” In relation to ourselves, our purpose is “to be holy and blameless in his sight.” In relation to one another, our purpose is to live as God’s adopted children in a family called the church.

Finally, it must be noted that all of God’s purpose for us is Christ-centered. The blessings are in Christ. God chose us in Christ. We were adopted through Christ. Grace was given us in Christ. It’s all about Christ!


From an eternal perspective, God chooses us for salvation. From our human perspective, salvation is when we choose to believe on the name of Christ and become children of God (see John 1:12–13). Have you believed on the name of Jesus and accepted God’s gift of grace? If yes, rejoice! If not, we encourage you to make today the day!

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