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( Love the wife of your youth)

Scripture: Proverbs 5:18
*Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.*

I don’t how long or short my epistles will be this morning. This morning inspirational is to the married. Love your wife and create time to play with her. When I mean play, this is not limited to sex.

Always arrange time for leisure between you and your spouse. Don’t only love him/her but care for her.

When I was young may be early 20, the pastor of my Church is highly respected and a man of dignity. He has many Priests under his leadership. I respect him so much. One morning I needed to visit him in his house very early. All his children have gone to school but I met him fetching water into a drum in the kitchen while his wife was cooking this was strange in the community I grew.

That simple act planted a seed into my heart on how to treat my wife when I married. Love in emotion has limit, care for your spouse.

Create a gist time. Play game together. If you don’t develop your love towards each other, when your children live you to their own home, the reality will be done on you.

Love your wife and let your children know you do. Don’t be ashamed to hold her hands in the public.

Invest love and care over your spouse.
Renew your honeymoon from time to times
It is not vain repetition, when you gently tell your spouse ” I love you”

There are sexual trap all around you, be well fed with love and care at home.

God will help you.

❤️ text your spouse ” I love you”
Be obedient 👆

Till tomorrow,
Oluwamide Oladeji