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[New Music Video]: Blessify- The Great Commission

the great commission

Gospel Singer Blessify has released the official music video of her single, The Great Commission.
According to her, ”We are called to embrace the great commission with equal passion! Start Now! Tomorrow might be too late!

In Mark 16 vs 15, all Christians were commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

The need for re-awakening of this solemn instruction where those that have received Him tell those that have not that the kingdom of God is right here and it’s real was what inspired emerging gospel artist “Blessify” in birthing this exhilarating piece to stimulate the spirit of evangelism.”

This great offer from “Blessify” should be used as a tool by all to further spread the gospel. So download, share and spread the Word!


Verse 1

Go go

Go preach the gospel to the Lost soul

That the kingdom of God is here and it’s real..

Go go

Go spread the gospel to the ends of the earth

That the kingdom of God is here and it’s real


We must tell the whole world

That he rose again

That he rose again

That he rose again x2


Tell the whole world

The kingdom is here and it’s real
<Verse 2>

The kingdom of God is for you and I

It’s for the willing heart

( Yeeeeeaaaah)

All you need is believe in Him

And all you need is receive Him

Give Him your heart today

Give Him your will today

Give Him your all today

For tomorrow might be too late

Pre chorus



We gotta tell the whole world

Every Nation, every people

And every tribe

That He’s risen

For you, for me