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Download Music with Video: Ronke Onishile – ORE ÒFÉ

Ronke Onishile Ore Ofe

Ronke Onishile, an evangelist called to reach the Muslims specifically with the gospel of salvation and divine healing in Christ Jesus has just released a song titled ORE ÒFÉ

Background Story
I had watched the passion of the Christ movie many years back, roughly 13 years thereabout, I never would have thought I would have a reason to work with it. I began to write this song ore òfé, round about the time I finished at the university and that was years before the movie was came along. Some how, I could only come up with the chorus and it happened to be the first Yoruba song I attempted to write. When I could not move from the chorus to form the body of the song, I abandoned it.

I never forgot about it though, but each time I try to build on the song I just couldn’t, so I left it on the pages of my note for years. After releasing three English written songs, all singles, I perceived the Lord wants me to sing in Yoruba also. Although I have been able to write other Yoruba songs in recent years but still ore òfé remained a song I struggled to find a continuing message to; but then one day, I said to the Lord….. “Since You want me to sing in Yoruba, prove it by helping me with this song ore òfé.

Also there is this other one, I have not been able to complete would You also help with that?” So I took my phone, pen and notebook that night to work on this song and to my amazement the Holy Spirit completed the song that night. The ease with which the melody and the lyrics came together was beyond my comprehension. How I saw grace (Ore Òfé) in action that night. Seeing what had happened, the following night I presented the other one too and He did the same thing with it. Amazing! Don’t you agree?

You are about to listen to a song with a message of love wrapped in pains. Each time I sing the song I remember the passion of the Christ movie but it was a long while ago that I watched it. I asked frizzlenbizzle films to please find the movie and it is so amazing to see that every part of the song was depicted in that movie. I hear the Holy Spirit calling someone today, I can tell someone needs to stop taking the Grace of God for granted. You only have one life to live. Love is the fundamental message of Grace to all of humanity and it came with a very high price; Life! If you are yet to know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour please avail yourself that relationship without further delay, time is of the essence. Jesus loves you and God bless you.

About Ronke
Ronke Onishile is an evangelist called to reach the Muslims specifically with the gospel of salvation and divine healing in Christ Jesus. She is the founder of Ronke Onishile Ministry. She was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria but resides in the Uk with her husband, Olaniyi Onishile and their four children. Her music ministry is a call rather than a passion to minister in songs and she is blessed with the gift of song writing.

Her new single titled Ore Òfé is inspiring, it is completely a song of salvation, set to show the depth of the Grace of God to us all through the Father’s love which makes her music ministry evangelical in nature.

She is also called to open air outreaches to Muslims both in the Uk and Nigeria, a Street Evangelist, sowing the seed of the Word of God in songs and in words.

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