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_Scripture:And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves and two fishes, looking up to heaven, he blessed and brake, and gave the loaves to the disciples and the disciples to the multitude._ Matthew 14:19.

Faith and thankfulness are two inseparable kingdom principles to lunch you into the supernatural. Jesus fed the multitude twice but in these two occurrences loaves and fishes did not fall down like manna from heaven.

Jesus used the nothing of the disciples to provide something. The Lord is calling your attention to appreciate him for that little seed of miracle in your hand. Jesus asked them what do you have, they said five loaves and two fishes that was what he needed to feed the five thousand.

When you are trusting God for the miraculous, you will have involvement in it. Jesus was to multiply loaves and fishes but the disciples had to supply the loaves and fishes for the miraculous.

Elisha asked the widow what do you have at home, he said I have nothing but a jar of oil. Elisha told the woman that her jar of oil would be the instrument to her miracle.

What is that little thing in your ✋, the Lord is saying that is what I will use for the miraculous in your life. Do you plan to have four children but you have one and because of that you don’t like God. Do you know that all that the nation of Israel needs was in Jacob.

He Produced God twelve sons that turned to twelve tribes of Israel.

What you have is enough for your miraculous, do you need a million naira for a project or business urgently and all you have is ten thousand naira. If that 10,000 naira is the miraculous seed for the 1,000,000 naira? Then, lift it up to God to multiply as your five loaves and two fishes that fed five thousand. The way of God’s operation is not human but divine.

I had an experience along this line some years ago, I wanted to publish a book and there was no money for the project. I went to a friend of mine not to ask for money but to pray with me for financial release for the project.

We prayed together and he gave me a thousand naira while I needed between 40 to 60,000 naira at that time for the project. He warned me to save the money for the project that God will add to it. I took the money straight to bank and save it.

Few weeks after that time, God miraculously sent help to publish the book ” devotional impartation” what you need may be far to what you have, but you must grow up to know your five loaves and two fishes( your miraculous seed). Your five loaves and two fishes are not to be eaten.

I challenge you this day to allow God to bless your five loaves and two fishes. Don’t ignore your miraculous seed, lift it up to God for multiplication.

Lift your certificate up to God to bless, do you need a job that its requirement is master degree and you have bachelor degree. Appreciate God for what you have for now and let him bless it and try that job. You are close to your miraculous.

Don’t be like that ungrateful servant, who did nothing with his talent but kept it in the dust. Appreciate what God is doing in your life, bless him for the little you have and he will bless it.

I challenge you this day to allow God to bless your little beginning, resources, improvement on your health, dream and promise of breakthrough.

Stop murmuring and complaining they anger God.

Prayer: Lord with my eyes of faith I can clearly see that you love and you will help. This day I lift my little to you to bless.

Till tomorrow,
Oluwamide Oladeji
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