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Download Song- AS WE DEY PRAY HE DEY SHOW Mark Peter Okeagu

AS WE DEY PRAY HE DEY SHOW Mark Peter Okeagu, affectionately known as Anointed Mark, is a prominent figure in the realm of worship within Streams of Joy International, based in the United Kingdom, As a Music Director ,he orchestrates melodies that resonate deeply with audiences, An entrepreneur in the realm of music production and songwriting. Anointed Mark’s creative flair knows no bounds.In addition to his musical endeavors, Anointed Mark finds fulfillment in his roles as a devoted husband to his beloved wife, Ifesinachi (Sina), and as a loving father to their beautiful children.
His family brings him immense joy and serves as a source of inspiration in his life’s journey.Anointed Mark’s primary mission is to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful medium of music. He believes in the transformative power of worship and seeks to touch hearts and souls through his musical expressions.An avid participant in the NSPPD (New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations) community. Anointed Mark draws inspiration from the teachings of Pastor Jerry Eze. His devotion to these teachings serves as a guiding light in his musical endeavors, infusing his songs with depth and spiritual resonance.With a passion for spreading the message of hope and salvation, Anointed Mark continues to make waves in the world of worship music, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter his melodious offerings.
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