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CAN Seeks Christian Unity in Evangelism

President of CAN, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, made this wakeup call through Evang. Oguazi Onyemobi, the national coordinator of the Global Outreach Day Nigeria.

Hindus in Nepal Turning to Christ

Scores of Hindus in Nepal are turning to Christ, thanks to missionaries who have dedicated their lives to evangelizing the secular state.

Arabian Christians Reaching Muslims Through Poetry

Poetry holds a special significance in Arabic culture, now Middle Eastern Christians in the Arabian Gulf are using it as a way to communicate their faith.

100,000 Evangelists Arrive Mexico City to Preach Christ

The vast crowd of Christians who descended on Mexico City, went out into the city to evangelize for a full day and night, before heading to Azteca Stadium for a massive worship service.

100-Year-Old Missionary has Evangelized Remote Parts of Alaska For 72 Years

The 100-Year-Old Missionary lives in Anchorage, and has spent her days leading Bible studies while touching lives enormously.

Reinhard Bonnke Plans Farewell Crusade in Nigeria

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, founder of Christ for all Nations (CFaN) will return to Nigeria for his final African Gospel Crusade in November, 2017. While...