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Kechi Okwuchi’s Latest America’s Got Talent Display

Kechi Okwuchi a survivor of the Sosoliso plane crash put up yet another sensational display at the quarterfinals stage of the ongoing America’s Got Talent.

Bible Verse Inspires US Vet Dave Eubank, to Risk His Life...

Dave Eubank has become famous for the video and pictures of his heroic rescue earlier this month, but he gives all the credit to God.

88 Year Old Graduates From College

88 year old Graduates from college 58 years after admission. 88 year old Rev. Horace Sheffield has finally graduated from college 58 years after admission. Sheffield...

Nick Vujicic: Easter is About the Sacrifices of Jesus Christ not...

Evangelist Nick Vujicic said in an Easter message that the holiday is about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, not bunnies and eggs.

Inspiration | My Neighbourhood by Sohana

I’ve lived here for as long as I can remember Seen lots of January’s reach their December I’ve walked this road for a million times and...