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Inspiration | My Neighbourhood by Sohana


I’ve lived here for as long as I can remember

Seen lots of January’s reach their December

I’ve walked this road for a million times and over

So I know a thing or two of this place I hover

This place I reside in, as small as may seem,

is densely populated come and you’ll see

The people here are not rich but they are not impoverished

Some have wrong ideals and are really depraved

The truth is although there are three schools around or more

The quality of education for those around is not in the least assured

The kids are not learning, they lack motivation to

Some actually believe they can’t, how do you expect them to

Wait a minute please, I’m not done about my neighbourhood

You see, Despite the occasional shootings among the brotherhood

Things are actually getting better and we are making progress

For we are teaching the younger ones a better way to success

Not drugs, not violence not cheating nor craftiness

But hardwork, determination, honesty and selflessness

Although my neighbourhood has poured forth the good and the ugly in the past

This time it will more of the good, because the bulk of the ugly will soon be past

The kids will dare to dream despite the perceived background

They will understand who they are and look beyond the ground

They will look to the skies where their real place is

And take their place as eagles who never fear to miss..

By Sohana    

This was originally published on Warizit