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Christian Bakers Win Case at Supreme Court

After a four-year legal battle, Christian bakers, Ashers Baking Company, in Northern Ireland have won their case at the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom.

Trump Declares Religious Freedom Day

US President Donald Trump issued a proclamation declaring Jan. 16, 2018, as religious freedom day.

Evangelicals, Pope to Work Together on Religious Freedom

Pope Francis and representatives of a global evangelical network have pledged to fight together against persecution and for religious freedom.

Report: Despite Crackdowns on Religious Freedom by the Government, Atheism in...

Despite crackdowns on religious freedom by the government, atheism in Russia falls by 50% in 3yrs, according to a recent poll by the Levada research center.

Christian Cake Maker Says He and His Family are Receiving Death...

The Christian cake shop owner who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony says he and his family are receiving death threats.