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Why Jesus Came: Free eBook


Ours is a day an age wherein confusions and distortions abound. Truth is at the mercy of the one behind the computer, controlling what is fed to the masses. Recently, CNN attempted to drill visitors to its site with questions on Christianity. This is best described in one word, “goofed”.

John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center summarized the ordeal thus:

“In a quiz claiming to test one’s knowledge of Christianity, there is sum total of one question about Jesus Christ (where did He walk on water?). Nothing is asked about Jesus’ birth, words, death or resurrection. There are no questions about the Christian understanding of truth, sin, or salvation. Nothing about Paul or Peter. Nothing about the afterlife. Nothing about the human condition.

In reality, the quiz reveals virtually nothing about one’s knowledge of Christianity. It does, however, reveal much about how CNN and so many secular elites view religion, and the blind spot that clouds their thinking:: that secularists are just as much people of faith as the faithful they hope to educate.”

This at a time in which Christians reflect solemnly at the centerpiece of their faith – the life, death and resurrection of Christ, is a clarion call to remember why Christ in the words of the Apostle John appeared. Like every other worldview, Christianity ought to be investigated, scrutinized and truthfully presented.

I recommend this book, Why Jesus Came, by John Piper as a start. Click the link below to download for free.


“The early church acclaimed him Lord of heaven and earth. Jesus had finished the work God gave him to do, and the resurrection was the proof that God was satisfied. This book is about what Jesus’ death accomplished for the world.” – John Piper

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