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Devotion: A Wise Builder

Today in the Word
Today in the Word


Read 1 Chronicles 22


Novelist Rex Stout built a fourteen-room house in Danbury, Conn., and invited famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright to see it. After touring the house Wright said: “A superb spot. Someone should build a house here.”

In 1 Chronicles 22 the Chronicler describes the great lengths that David and his son Solomon went to in order to prepare for the building of the temple in Jerusalem. The planning began with David, who had originally envisioned the project. He made “extensive preparations before his death” (v. 5). First, he prepared his son Solomon for the task. This included communicating the vision for the project (vv. 6–10), praying for Solomon (vv. 11–12), and advising him (v. 13).

Second, he collected the needed funds, gathered materials, and mobilized those who would actually carry out this work (vv. 14–19). The materials described in verses 14 through 16 are an indication of how large an undertaking this was. It was not enough, however, to have funds, materials, and skilled craftsmen. Their most important step was to prepare their hearts by devoting themselves to seeking the Lord.

If you have been joined to Christ, then you are part of an even greater building project. This too is a temple, but it is one made of “living stones” (1 Peter 2:5). As a part of God’s building project, we are being made into a dwelling place for God, and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit we also take part in construction. As each member of the body of Christ exercises spiritual gifts, the church is strengthened. Like David and Solomon we too must be careful how we build. We too must devote heart and soul to seeking the Lord.our God.


Have you asked God to show you where you fit into His building project? One way to do this is to find where you experience the most joy in serving Christ. Ask God to help you discover what you were made for! If you already know, ask your pastor where your interests and abilities might fit in the church’s ministry.

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