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Event: Grace Worship Concert With Ira and Friends

Grace Worship Concert

Grace Worship Concert is our way of showing the world through music, the power of Grace. Many have come to believe that, Grace must be earned and others that Grace is for a selected few. But, we know better! Grace is made available to us by reason of our association with Jesus Christ.

We bring a message of God’s Grace; we seek to create an awareness of God’s Grace and to awaken people to the reality that it is sufficient.

Grace is the Love that cares stoops and rescues.
Grace transforms our desires, our motivation and behaviors.
Grace reaches out to the unworthy, those labeled sinners and saves them.
Grace comforts, bringing peace and healing in a time of loss and abuse, it transforms pains to power.

It doesn’t matter what level you find yourself, Grace will reach out, stoop and rescue you. Because, Grace is not about us, what we achieve or the lack of it in the first place, it is about everything that God is.

He has given His Grace and by faith, we are justified!

Come October 7th, 2017, at the Impact Center, Access Hotel, 9 Orewole Street, Opebi, Lagos. We will gather; the young comely worshipers and lovers of Jesus to make Grace available through worship.

A time when worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth
Grace concert is not about religion
It is about our relationship with Jesus!!!

Join us for Grace Worship Concert!

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