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Daily Devotion: He is the Messiah

Today in the Word: John
Read John 7: 25-52
He is the Messiah

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius. Before a full boil, air bubbles form on the bottom of the pan and then rise to the surface. As the temperature continues to climb, the water reaches a rolling boil. But interestingly, exact boiling temperature is not consistent. It is influenced by the atmospheric pressure in that location.

Jesus was teaching in the temple courts and claiming to be the Messiah. The crowds were impressed by His authoritative teaching and miraculous acts. But when He asserted that He had been sent by God, the reaction boiled over (vv. 29–30). The temperature among the religious leaders had reached a new intensity.

Notice the debate that began about Jesus’ claim to be God. Some believed Him, for His signs and miracles clearly had to be the work of the Messiah (v. 31). But others declared that He couldn’t possibly be the Messiah because He was from Galilee and not Bethlehem (vv. 41–43).

The Pharisees were certain that they had evidence for a blasphemy conviction. They sent temple guards to arrest Jesus (v. 32). This plan backfired, however, when the temple guards returned without Jesus—they had been impressed by His teaching (v. 46)! Thwarted in their attempt to seize Jesus during the festival, the priests and Pharisees became entrenched in their opposition to Jesus.

The religious leaders conveniently dismissed any evidence that Jesus might be telling the truth about who He was. He was from the wrong place. The crowd who supported Him was an ignorant mob. Only their approval was valid for a religious teacher (v. 48). They found any excuse to avoid believing that Jesus was their Messiah.


We must always ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand God’s truth when we are reading and studying Scripture. Like the Pharisees, we can be tempted to wield our knowledge of Scripture as a weapon against others rather than have our perspective shaped to conform to the Lord. Ask God to open your heart and mind to His truth.

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