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Music: Obiora Obiwon – A Billion Halleluyah

Obiora Obiwon – A Billion Halleluyah

In a year mostly marked with personal milestones for Obiora Obiwon, the singer yet again showcases his undying passion for music making with this fresh single titled, A Billion Halleluyah.

A Billion Halleluyah is an elaborately written and produced praise anthem apt for ushering in more celebrations in a year of recurring praise and ‘Halleluyah’ themes.

Leading a team of live musicians and vocalists, producer George Ade-Alao weaves together the live studio recording co-producing with Obiora Obiwon. The result is a lush pop sound, fully complemented by soaring choral work and Obiwon’s emotive vocals.

A Billion Halleluyah comes hot on the heels of Obiora Obiwon’s well received album “Floodgates…” (2016/2017) and it’s yet to be known if a new project is under way.

Like the lyrics of the song rhetorically ask, “Can you hear the angels singing Halleluyah?

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