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Devotion: The Source of Our Sight

Today in the Word
Read Proverbs 29:10-14
The Source of Our Sight

Since at least the thirteenth century, inventors have been captivated by the hope of designing a perpetual motion machine. Once constructed, such a machine could continue functioning indefinitely through its own power and without needing a new source of energy.

Too often, human beings—even we Christians—think of ourselves in similar terms. Yes, we might acknowledge, God created us at the beginning of our lives and at some point they will come to an end. But, we frequently imagine, in between those events we are running solely on our own power, drawing only upon our own native energy and effort. We believe that we are self-sufficient.

Proverbs 29:13 undercuts all such pretensions to self-sufficiency, reminding us that God “gives sight to the eyes of both” the poor and the oppressor—that is, to all people. It is not just that God gave such abilities in the past but continues giving them to us in the present, even at this very moment. Accordingly, even faculties that we might consider to be our own, such as vision, breathing, and hearing, are gifts that are being continually bestowed to us by God. Should God withdraw His hand from us, we would be utterly undone. We are thoroughly and continually reliant upon God.

In Christian theology, this reality is captured in the doctrine of God’s continuing care for creation. Essentially this is the crucial conviction that God does not simply create the universe and then steps back, leaving it to its own devices. He is not the cosmic Watchmaker who wound the dial and then retreated. Instead, God is continually involved in creation, sustaining it and all it contains. Not only that, but God is ultimately directing creation toward the final fulfillment of His gracious will. Thanks be to God!


Looking back on your life, what accomplishments do you feel most proud of? As you think about them, remember that even—and perhaps especially—these things were not your own doing. God was present in those moments, giving you strength and enabling your efforts. Give thanks to the Lord for such wonderful gifts and ask for His continued blessings.

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