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Devotion: The Mysterious Majesty of the King

The Mysterious Majesty of the King

December 11, 2018 | Matthew 11:1–30

Rising 20,310 feet above sea level, Mount Denali is the highest peak in the United States. Unfortunately, clouds veil the mountain approximately two days out of every three. When the skies clear, however, visitors are treated to a stunning view as Denali’s greatness and majesty overwhelm them.

For those of us who worship Jesus Christ, it is easy to imagine that the people who encountered Him in His earthly life had a similar experience. Surely Christ’s greatness and majesty would have been overwhelming, readily apparent to all, right? Perhaps not. Some certainly seem to have perceived something great about Him immediately, such as John the Baptist (3:14), Peter (4:22), and Matthew (9:9). But it may be that, like Denali, His greatness was veiled to many.

Chapter 11 opens a section of Matthew’s Gospel (running through chapter 16) in which many raise questions about Jesus’ identity or doubt His greatness. Ironically, the first question came from John the Baptist, who was among the first to perceive that greatness. From prison, John sought assurance that his earlier impression was accurate and thus sent disciples to ask if Jesus is “the one who is to come” (v. 3). Meanwhile, the crowds appeared to doubt Jesus’ greatness because He “came eating and drinking” and was “a friend of tax collectors and sinners” (v. 19).

In response, Jesus pointed to the healings and miracles He performed (vv. 5, 20). The crowds were misled by their first impression and needed to revise their damning judgment by considering more than superficial appearances. But beyond that, all people needed not only to look or listen but also to take up Christ’s yoke and learn from Him (v. 29). There is no better way to understand this King’s mysterious majesty.


As proof that He was the Messiah, Jesus pointed to His great deeds—restoring sight to the blind, healing the lame, cleansing lepers, preaching good news to the poor, and more (v. 5). He still works miracles today. Pray that this will be revealed in the lives of those—whether family, friends, neighbors, or even yourself—who harbor doubts.


Pray for Eusuf, 21, who says, “Those who know of my conversion have been troubling me, but I depend on God and believe He will protect me.” Eusuf is attending Open Doors’ persecution awareness training.

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