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[New Music]: My Everything by Israel & Favour

My Everything by Israel & Favour

Gospel ministers – Israel and Favour – are out with a brand new music titled, My Everything.

In this new track, the duo declare Jesus Christ as the all sustainer; in good and bad times He is God.

The duo of collaborated in the past with other singles such as You Are Worthy and

      Na Gode

My Everything was produced by Israel.



Yesu Kai ne baba na – Jesus you’re my Lord
Yesu kai ne komai na – Jesus you’re my everything
Oh its impact music


YA ubangiji – My God,
You’re the only reason why I dance like this, you’re the only reason why I smile like this,
You’re the only reason I live, the reason I breathe, Hah
Yeah, you gave to me, a very very brand new life to live, very very beautiful song to sing
It’s all because of you that I’m living this way,
Ba zan ji soro ba – I will not be afraid
Yesu kai ne Oga na – Christ Jesus is my boss
Yesu kai ne baba na – Christ Jesus, you’re my Lord
Yesu kai ne Komai na ahh – Christ Jesus, you’re my everything (2 times)


Babu wai wai – No worries
You’re always on time ai dai dai
Touching my life every single day, I will serve you I don’t care abun da sun ce (the things that they say)
The lover of my soul, only kai – only you
Who can change a sinner to a saint sai kai (only you)
I hide under your wings, babu dagan kai (without pride)
When the ask of my source I’ll point to kai kadai  (you alone)
Who can take me away from your love babu (nothing)
Tribulation, famine, no death, babu (nothing)
Anything you ask me Lord I do,
Jesus I surrender my all to you uu