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[New Song+Lyrics]: Amazing Amec- Imarama


Amazing Amec makes a noteworthy entrance into 2020  with a powerful single titled – ‘Imarama’.Since his remarkable debut into the Gospel music scene,  the vibrant energetic vocal powerhouse has been a blessing in the ministry.

Imarama is a worship song talking about the goodness and the awesomeness of the almighty God.

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For all you ve” done for me,

Agam eye gi ekele,

Agam eye gi otito,

Ikwesiri iye ekele……… 2times.


Jehovah mo imaramma eeeeh,

Jehovah  mo ikwesiri ekwesi 2times.


Agam  eburu halleluya eburuooo,

For all you ve” done for me I can’t tell it all.

Agam apara halleluyah apara good God almighty i praise your name.


Jehovah mo Imaramma eeeh,

Jehovah mo ikwesiri  ekwesi (2times.)

Iye, Iye, iye eeh.

Iye ekele,

iye otito(2times)

Thank you Jesus I love to worship you,

for you done have a lot for me.


Oh good God,

Agam eburu halleluyah,

Apara halleluyah pagara chimo (2times)

Halleluyah we worship you Lord,

We give you glory,we worship Jesus, I worship you Lord.

for all you ve”done for me,


Agam eye gi ekele,

Agam eye gi otito,

Ikwesiri Iye ekele.

Ify gi ator gbu go m’ oooo,

You are so good, lord,

I lift my voice to you.