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god in me

Minister Bongi decided to serve us hot with her new release, ‘God in Me’. The Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry artiste puts her easy to love vocals in this beautiful piece of music.

The track produced by Khardiak who appears courtesy of Phenomenal Sounds both gives adulation to The Most High and affirms our confidence in His presence in our lives.

A song that is absolutely timely in a world that’s currently at its wit’s end; God In Me strengthens our confidence and faith in the God that is alive in us.

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Verse 1

You are God and none is like you

Ruler of earth and heaven great God

(Repeat 2xe)

With words, you stopped the raging storm

Omnipotent God you are mighty

Consuming fire who can stand you

Mover of mountains oh! so powerful

(Repeat 2xe)

Your greatness is indescribable

With you all things are possible


With God in me

Nothing can stop me

Nothing stand me

(Repeat 2xe)

Verse 2

Before I was formed

God you knew me

Even the hairs on my head

You numbered one by one

I see the moon, the stars and the heavens (echo)

All the work of your fingers reveal how great you are

Repeat CH 2xe


Do you know and have you heard

God is everlasting

Creator of all the earth

So mighty yet he lives inside of me

Repeat CH 6x