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[New Song+Lyrics]: Precious Emmanuel – Omnipotent God

omnipotent God

12-years old Precious Emmanuel has decided to glorify God through the use of her sonorous voice in magnifying God with the release of her new single titled, Omnipotent God.

The born again child of God was born in Lagos to the family of Engr. Emmanuel and Sewuese Iorbume of Benue State. She is currently a secondary school student (JSS 3). Precious’ flair for singing was demonstrated as early as 2 years in reciting her Nursery rhythms “This little light of mine”. She has been part of singing competitions for kids as little as age 3. The song, Omnipotent God is her debut single.

Her mother, Mrs Sewuese being a lover of Christian music bought one of Imara Joyce’s Album The Psalm while doing her hair in a salon. Precious took interest in the song and started mimicking the gospel singer and crying that she wants to be like her, that no music has interested her like that of Imara Joyce. This forced the mother to send a video recording of Precious expressing her desire to be like Imara Joyce when she grows up.

The Gospel singer was touched and offered to do a recording of Precious’ song, without meeting her one on one.

Imara Joyce arranged and sponsored all sessions of rehearsals and recording of Precious’ Song without even seeing Precious physically.

According to Precious’ mum, “Indeed Imara Joyce, you are a true reflection of Christ on earth, sowing in the lives of the younger ones, making them be better citizens and productive in the vineyard of God. May the mercy, love, favour and God’s providence never departed from your camp in Jesus’ Name, Amen. God bless, Imara Joyce, and may her anointing continue to soar to greater heights Amen”

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Omnipotent God,
You are omniscient God
Be thy glorified
There is none like you (4-times)
You are the Prince of peace
You are the Lord most high
Be thy glorified
There is none like you.

Kinihun eya Judah
Eru jeje
kabiesi oooo
There is none like you.

Omnipotent God
You are omniscient God
Be thy glorified
There is none like you. (2-times)

You are God alone (3-times)
I give you glory
Honour and adoration
You are God alone
You are God alone
You are God alone
You are God alone (4-times)

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