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[New Song]: Comfort Chikaodili Nnaji – Holy Spirit Move

holy spirit move
Holy Spirit Move is a song inspired by the Holy Spirit for such a time as this. The world is in need of another great revival, the church needs to be awakened in the place of Power, Glory, and Fire for a great move of the Spirit like in the days of the old. We need the drastic move of God again in this end time to compel the world to know that Jehovah is God.

We yearn for the outpour of the great revival of the Spirit and for all flesh to be baptized by the fire of God. Like in the days of Elijah, we need the fire to fall again. We yearn for great signs and wonders. Like the days of Joshua, Elisha, the Apostles, and the prophets of old.

This song calls out for the Glory of God to fill our land as the waters covereth the sea. And for the Holy Spirit to move mightily again.

Comfort Chikaodili Nnaji, a multitalented woman is a gospel music minister, songwriter, and Pastor’s wife. Founder of Precious Teens &  Young minds Int’l, and Organizer of TALENT PROJECT (A Gospel talent hunt) and Publisher of Treasure Magazine.

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