Home Music Down Song- LOOK AT THE SPARROWS Godshield Orokpo Featuring Solomon Lange

Down Song- LOOK AT THE SPARROWS Godshield Orokpo Featuring Solomon Lange

Apostle Godshield Orokpo 2

Apostle Godshield Orokpo, A gospel music minister, Song writer and Missionary with Praise Court International Church Kampala Uganda release new song title: LOOK AT THE SPARROWS featuring Nigeria Renown Gospel Legend Solomon Lange

The song LOOK AT THE SPARROWS which was produced by Apostle Godshield in 1995 and remixed in 2022 Featuring Solomon Lange, was originally written and released by Oga Otumala in 1985.

Worries have become the norm in a society where many people live in dread, grief, pain, and disappointment. Matthew 6:25-34 tells us not to be concerned about tomorrow since it will take care of itself. God, who looks after the sparrows, will look after your needs as well.

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Look at the sparrows, they have no barns, they have no garden, but he cares
for them.

You needn’t worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itself, your
heavenly father knows all you need, and he will take care of your life.

Why should you worry, mama, why should you cry, He said, call upon me in
your days of troubles and I will be there, I am Jehovah, I know your name,
call upon me, call upon me and I will be there.

The keeper of Israel, He never sleeps nor slumbers, he cares for you my
brother, He will make it alright. There is an inheritance for you, in
Christ Jesus, reach out by faith, take your portion now.