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Download Song- E TOBI Minister Olumide Zechariah

Olumide Zechariah - E Tobi
God is Great and greatly to be praised. This is the summary of what Minister Olumide Zechariah captures in his new single titled E Tobi. This song is a revelation of the truth and power of God and His awesome creation. It explains the power of God’s spoken word. In your time of worship and meditation, this is the tune that should be resounding in the background. Minister Olumide Zachariah grew up with a passion and singing at a young age.
His journey became clearer as his walk with Jesus Christ advanced. He sings to share the good news of God’s Love to all men. And the style and passion with which he does it complement the understanding of God he holds dearly in his heart. He had his first EP Released in November 2018 and he has since added one more EP and three albums to his list of songs every release has been a beautiful mix of sound message and sweet melody. E Tobi is the song of the moment and it will remain in our hearts for a very long time. It is available for download across all platforms.
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