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Download Song- LOKE LOKE Israel Strong

Israel Strong celebrates another remarkable year in his life with the release of two new singles, “Loke Loke” & “Wings to Fly”. Both songs capture the spirit of Israel’s unique sound, blending elements of Hip-Hop, Pop and Afrobeats.“Loke Loke” is an upbeat, rhythmic track that showcases Israel’s incredible vocal range. The song is an anthem of self-determination and resilience, with powerful production and an infectious chorus, “Loke Loke” is sure to be a hit.

“Wings to Fly” is a slower, more introspective track. The song is all about pushing yourself to reach new heights, and the chorus sings, “I’ve got wings to fly and soar like the eagle.” 

Israel’s voice is gentle and melodic and the production is smooth and soulful.The remarkable double single release transcends the boundaries of music and is loaded with faith affirmations. Both songs are excellent examples of Israel Strong’s talent, and it’s clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

With hard-hitting lyrics and smooth production, Israel Strong who is also known as the Prince of LoveWorld is sure to make a big splash in the music industry.Be sure to check out these two new singles: “Loke Loke” & “Wings to Fly”, and keep an eye out for what Israel has in store for us next!

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