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There Is Nothing Too Hard – Minister Sam

minister sam

Minister Sam is an Akwa Ibom state born psalmist with a 1st degree in music from the Delta State University and a diploma in church music from the lnternational Worship Training Institute, Benin city. He is also the proprietor of SAM COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Lagos. He is a humble young man who in the past 2 decades has served the the Lord, and has worked with the body of Christ(Church) in different capacities.

He is currently working with one of the RCCG Modern Parishes as a music director, and also served has the band leader of Agu and Alero Imo’s monthly worship event, Shekinah Nite. He is a man that has put character above gifts and skills, and this has made all to speak well of him.

This song puts us in a place where we can see what God has done before, especially in the Bible days and also let us know that God can do the same today. Here is an extract from the song.

“If it was you that put a seed in the womb of a Virgin, yes, it was you that fed the people, you gave them water from the rock… There is nothing too hard for God to do”

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