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Christians Around the World Celebrate Easter

The empty tomb (art depiction)

Today, Christians around the world celebrate Easter. It is the most important and holiest day of the Christian calendar. It is the day set aside to remember Jesus’ resurrection three days after He was crucified and killed.

Easter marks the end of the Holy Week, which is the week before Easter and includes Maundy Thursday, the day of Jesus’ last supper with His Disciples, and Good Friday, the day of His crucifixion.

With solemn services, millions troop to churches to mark the day.

However, in places like Egypt, Coptic Christians would be forced to pray alongside security checkpoints, police guards and the threat of religious violence.

According to analysts, the fate of the Coptic Christians – an ancient religious minority face a persecution today that is the worst that has ever been.

ISIS bombers targeted these Christians during Palm Sunday a week ago, killing 44 people in twin attacks on churches in two different cities.

As Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection today, we pray that the hope of that faithful Easter morning will shine in the hearts of all who are being persecuted, and motivate others to do more for them in prayer and deed.

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