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Jewish Girl Encounters Jesus in a Life Changing Dream

Jewish Girl

This is the story of a Jewish girl, Danielle, who encountered the Lord Jesus in a dream that has changed her life forever.

According to her, growing up in school was greatly unpleasant as she was constantly ridiculed and bullied for bring overweight.

“They would always laugh about it, and sing songs about it,” she says. “They’d say “you’re ugly and you’re fat.” And my parents knew about it, and my teachers knew about it.” Sadly, “No-one did anything” she says.

Describing her subsequent ordeal, she retells her subsequent trend of loneliness. “I felt just unloved in every possible way. All this loneliness I felt, and the pain from everyone else around me, just felt like a wasn’t worth anything,” she recalls.

Then, in seventh grade, she had a dream.

“There was this fish. And behind him stood a figure with a light, saying something. The dream just kept on coming back.”

She didn’t think anything of it. Her life began to improve. She went to a new school, made new friends, and even met a boy, Nathaniel. One evening, she was in his room, when she discovered a book under his pillow. It was a Bible.

“I looked at the cover and flipped through the book. Suddenly I saw the fish! The fish from my dream!”

She couldn’t believe it. “I got really hyper. I asked “whose book is this?!”

I asked Nathaniel “What’s different about you?”

He said he was a Messianic ew. He explained that he believed in Jesus. That Jesus died for us on the cross.

Jessica began to read the New Testament and the gospel stories about Jesus Christ. She began to fall in love with this wonderful saviour. Then, the moment came that changed her life forever.

“In just one second, like the flick of a switch, my eyes were opened to see that this how God loves me. That I am loved, and that God loves me so much, that he gave his son for me, so that I can have forgiveness for my sins.”

Watch Jewish girl, Danielle’s amazing story here:

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