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Daily Devotion: Wondering Eyes

Today in the Word
Read Genesis 3
Wandering Eyes

Certain sights can change our lives. Even the briefest glimpse can create an indelible impression. This can be true of good things: the first sight of a newborn child or a future spouse can become a treasured memory. But it can also be true of bad things: the American Psychological Association has found that witnessing an act of violence can cause long-lasting trauma.

In Genesis 3, the first humans saw something that fundamentally changed their lives, and it had enduring and negative consequences. Desiring to become like God, Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and had their eyes opened to good and evil. This led to their expulsion from the Garden of Eden and set in motion a train of calamities (v. 23).

But why would the ability to see good and evil have such a profound impact upon human beings? Most of all, it diverts us from the concentrated focus on God that we were created to have. Notice how “eyes” and “seeing” in this passage refer to both physical senses and spiritual perception. Eve saw that the fruit was desirable not only for its beauty and flavor but also because it would confer wisdom (v. 6). The act of disobeying God’s command fractured their sole focus on fellowship with God, and now they would experience competing claims on their spiritual attention and loyalty (vv. 7–10).

After the Fall, we cannot un-see the knowledge of good and evil. We must follow the example of David in Psalm 16, acknowledging the presence of evils in the world but nonetheless insisting that these are only seen properly in light of God: “I keep my eyes always on the LORD” (v. 8). Even in a fallen, brokenworld, God provides a way for us to see His provision and care.


What things are distracting you from focusing on God? Keep in mind that some of them might appear to be good. The serpent’s temptations in Genesis 3 only succeed because they present human beings with something that appears good—the ability to be like God. Ask the Lord to shape your spiritual eyes to see His true goodness.

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