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Onaiyekan Calls on Christians to Work Hard

John Cardinal Onaiyekan
The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan
Onaiyekan Calls on Christians to Work Hard

Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, has called on all Christians to work hard for a better society where truth, justice and equality would prevail.

Onaiyekan made the call at the 7th Edition of the Divine Common Wealth Conference (DIVCCON) with the theme: “We Have The Man Jesus’’, taken from the Book of John Chapter 5 Verse 7.

He advised Christians not to exercise fears in any circumstance, but have trust in God their Maker.

“Let us not forget that Christians are not the only people suffering in this country.

“We are not the only hungry people, we are not the only unemployed, and we are not the only marginalised people.

“For me I think as Christians, the duty we have is to really work hard for a better society where truth, justice and equality will prevail.

“Christians have nothing to fear but it will not help us if it became a question of we Christians against everybody,’’ he said.

He, however, called on Christians not to be discouraged as a result of persecution or think that everything had gone wrong, adding that they should see Christ as their perfect example.

According to him, we live in world, which claims and prides itself with freedom that everybody have the right to his opinions even homosexuals are asking for their rights.

“When ever we see that happening we should do our best to insist that the right things are done; Christians should come to their aid as much as we can.

“We should constantly remember them in our prayers, but at the end of the day the Christian faith has only one solution and that is Jesus Christ.

“Jesus Christ is the man in whom we believe firmly and because we believe in him nothing worries us, nothing moves us,’’ cleric said.

In his remarks, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, Primate of all Nigeria and Archbishop of Abuja (Anglican Communion) expressed optimism that DIVCCON would bring people of Christian backgrounds together.

Okoh described the programme as an event that would enrich the people spiritually, as Christians needed God’s intervention to be able to tackle the challenges facing the country.

“This is an opportunity to enrich ourselves spiritually because the situation in the land is challenging.

“We need God to come into our lives and help us either as family, individuals or as a nation.

“As a nation you will agree with me that we are facing so many challenges. These challenges affect the lives of the people and the nation.

“It is good that if this kind of opportunity is available for the people to come and drop their burden with God, and they will get strength to continue and tomorrow will be better,’’ Okoh said.

The four-day programme had 7,000 registered Anglican faithful across the country and in the diaspora, who are attending the programme.