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Myanmar Christians Extend Grace to Mob Attackers

Myanmar Christians
Myanmar Christians worshipping in a Church
Myanmar Christians Extend Grace to Mob Attackers

A Christian family in Myanmar who were recently attacked at home by a mob have extended grace and forgiveness to their attackers.

Greg Kelley of World Mission explained to Mission News Network the incident where the family of four adults and five children were attacked by a group led by a Buddhist monk.

“The Buddhist monk and the mob surrounded [the house] with rocks. Some of them were ten pounds — I mean, these were large rocks. And they threw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocks at this home to show their displeasure with them coming to know Christ,” Kelly said.

The parents covered their children, putting metal boxes over their heads and shielding them. Although they suffered wounds, amazingly, nobody was killed.

“When the sun came up and the villagers came, expecting to see nine corpses, they found people who were coming out of that home. They actually started to communicate with them and they said, ‘We forgive you.’ And that act, that supernatural gesture of forgiving people who tried to kill you the night before, had four people receive Jesus.”

Kelley says this is what it means to stand up for Christ – it’s not just holding fast to your faith, but it’s also being a bold witness to others. Transformation is coming through the strength of believers in areas rife with persecution. And it’s your prayers that support them.

Myanmar Christians are under constant attack and persecution. Please pray that they continue to be supernatural witnesses in Jesus’ name. Pray for their persecutors’ hearts to be opened to the Gospel and transformed through the Holy Spirit.