Home News Primate Okoh Predicts Optimistic 2018 for Nigerians

Primate Okoh Predicts Optimistic 2018 for Nigerians

Nicholas Okoh
Primate of Anglican Communion, Nicholas Okoh
Primate Okoh Predicts Optimistic 2018 for Nigerians

The Primate of Nigeria, Anglican Communion and Bishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, has predicted that 2018 would be a year of optimism and happiness for Nigerians.

Okoh made the prediction in his New Year message to Nigerians on Monday in Abuja.

According to a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report, the cleric assured Nigerians that in spite of the challenges facing the country, they would experience the power of the Almighty God.

Primate Okoh said Nigerians would uplift themselves from the clutches of helplessness by focusing more on solutions to the economic and political problems facing the country.

“Problems that have consumed a colossal amount of our money such as electricity supply, unemployment, political situations, Boko Haram, herdsmen palaver, medical and labour issues, had made some people to feel like giving up already. Do not be frustrated or unhappy, do not take it on anyone, avoid being vengeful for the Lord is working out a miracle for you,” he said.

Okoh assured that God who created the world out of nothing would change the situations and make Nigeria to work again. He urged all Nigerians to have faith and allow God to be their guardian who would resolve all their personal and national problems.

Northern Chairman of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Yakubu Pam, urged Nigerians to fear God in all dealings, adding that they should be upright and live simple life.

Pam urged the Federal Government to end hunger in the land by creating an enabling environment where citizens would have gainful means of livelihood.