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Priest Urges Nigerians to Embrace True Repentance

Pastor Seyi Adeyemi
Priest Urges Nigerians to Embrace True Repentance

A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Mathew Onyilo has urged Nigerians to shun false religious obligation and embrace genuine repentance that will transform their lives to become good citizens of the country.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the priest made the call in his homily on Sunday at the St Charles Lwanga Parish, Apo, Abuja.

Onyilo, a Priest of the Abuja Archdiocese said Christians and Muslims should reflect on their religions in terms of deeds and actions.

According to him, statistics have shown that the number of churches and mosques in the country outweighs the number of schools and hospitals.

“This is a cause for concern because if the faithful practice what they profess, Nigeria will be free from crimes, corruption, crises and the country will experience peace.

“What it means is that people go to churches and mosques for different reasons, maybe out of obligation.

“It should not be like that, it should be to deepen their relationship with God and be good Christians and Muslims.”

He, however, called on those who worship God in sin to repent, adding that no sin could give lasting satisfaction.

Quoting from the book of Jonah, Chapter three, verses one to 10, the priest said that God appreciates sincere repentance from His children.

Onyilo said Christians should avoid sins because it separates them from God, saying “sinners cannot inherit eternal life and it hinders ones blessings from God.

“You must make conscious effort to avoid sins and you should not abuse the mercy of God because sins accuse Christians before God.

“The love of God is bigger than sins and the mercy of God outweighs ones mistakes, so you should not be ashamed of confessing your sins,” he said.

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