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PFN President: No Law Forbids Defense

PFN President, Rev. Felix Omobude
PFN President, Rev. Felix Omobude

PFN President: No Law Forbids Defense

The president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Felix Omobude, has stated that there is no law forbiding Christians from defending themselves against attacks.

He stated this last week at a meeting of the Living Faith Bible Church in Jos, Plateau state where over 100 persons were killed in attacks on some villages.

According to him, “We will continue to call on Christians to follow the path of peace in line with the injunctions of our faith. I want to sound it unequivocally that the people perpetrating this evil should not think they have a monopoly of violence.

“The peace drive and peace-making efforts of the church should not be misunderstood to be a weakness. If pushed to the wall, the church can react. There is no law that forbids Christians from defending themselves. We cannot continue to be on the receiving end.

Omobude called on the government to find the perpetrators of killings across the country.

“We want to see them get punished; we want to see them answer for their crimes. What has happened in the past, and when it happens like this, is that the most the government will say is to condemn it.

“We want to see beyond mere condemnation. We want those shielding these evil men to be exposed. We call on the governments, federal and states, especially when we understand that one of the campaign promises of this present federal government was security, to protect lives and properties.

“Never in the history of this nation has innocent blood been shed across the land as we are witnessing. Our security agencies should rise to the challenge. A nation that cannot secure the lives and properties of her people is not yet free,” he said.

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