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Protesters Demand Asia Bibi’s Release

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi and her children.

Thousands of protesters across Pakistan have demanded the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has been in the country’s prison since 2010 on blasphemy charges, Mission Network News reports.

The Pakistani Supreme Court last week, heard Bibi’s appeal and reached a decision but a verdict is yet to be announced.

In response, protestors and violent rioters took over Lahore and several other cities, smashing buildings in their frenzy and bringing neighborhoods to a standstill.

A missionary, Jason Woolford, shared that his ministry, Mission’s Cry, has heard firsthand what Christian brothers and sisters face in Pakistan.

According to him, “We can talk about it, but we truly don’t understand that type of persecution where he is literally being threatened. But through all of that, he is still going on and wanting to get the Word of God and get it to people who are Christians there.”

Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy party Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) organized the protests, and radicals have threatened the lives of judges if Bibi is released.

So far, nobody has actually been executed in Pakistan. Execution is the punishment for blasphemy in Islam and Pakistan is officially an Islamic State.

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