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Pastor Adeyemi Laments Lack of Spiritual Christians

Pastor Seyi Adeyemi

Senior Pastor of The Worship Centre (TWC), Pastor Seyi Adeyemi, has lamented the lack of spiritual Christians in Nigeria.

Pastor Adeyemi expressed this concern while addressing the press on Tuesday ahead of the church’s two-day, Apostolic Fire Conference, with the theme, “Beauty of Holiness,” slated for January 11 and 12, 2019.

According to him, “The citizens of this nation have become more impoverished than ever before. This results in a national question – where is the progress? There may have been some development here and there but by and large, we’ve become the poverty capital of the world.

“The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulder of leadership which has been the bane of the Nigerian project.

“I’ve heard people comment severally that religion has contributed to the Nigerian problem. I’ve said before at different press fora that Nigeria is more religious than spiritual.

“Religion is subject to human manipulation and deceit but spirituality is the essence of godliness. The difference is clear… To be spiritual is to fear God and walk in his ways. The more truly spiritual people we have in Nigeria the better our nation will be.”