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Adelaja to Buhari, ”Nigerian Army Incapable Of Fighting Boko Haram, Seek For Foreign Assistance”

sunday adelaja

The Senior Pastor & Founder of the Embassy of Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Ukraine, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to seek for foreign assistance in the fight against Boko Haram.

The Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor whose physical expression was that of anger in the video said the time had come for Nigeria to bury its pride.

He said “it is increasingly obvious that the Nigerian government cannot deal with the insurgents alone.”

Adelaja noted that Nigeria will not be the first country to take such a step if Buhari heeds his advice.

He counsels, “Let us go to Russia, America and other foreign nations and ask for their help. We should invite the armed forces of these countries and ask them to come to our country to help us with the fight against insurgents”

He said Nigeria cannot defeat Boko Haram with local forces and forces of Cameroun. “We need to seek foreign help. Nigerian Army can’t cope with what is happening in Nigeria. Please APC, Tinubu, House of Assembly call the international army to come and help us in Nigeria. The way people are being killed is worrisome.”

He said, ”what is currently happening in Nigeria is what used to happen in Iraq and other middle east countries. But now these things are happening in Nigeria. Today young people are being killed in cold blood. Church leaders are being killed anyhow. The only solution is for us to throw away the national pride and admit that our own army can’t fight Boko Haram.”

The government of Nigeria and the House of Assembly should make an appeal to the UN and the US to come with their army. We should not be afraid of invasion.”

Adelaja who is a strong supporter of President Buhari said he is saddened with the way lives are being lost daily to insurgents. He however warned the government to act on his advice if the government does not want Nigeria to disintegrate.

Directing his appeal to Buhari, he said, “We are losing lives on a daily basis. If you don’t want the country to disintegrate call for international army support. Let us sign an agreement with foreign forces to join forces with us. We did that for Libya. If we did that for Libya other countries should be ready to help us.

“We helped the Liberia people when there was war in that country. We helped Congo and Sierra Leone. Let us write a letter to the European Union to help us with their army. We should act fast if we are sincere about fighting Boko Haram.”