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[New Song]: Kingdmusic- Faithful-Acoustic


Denga ‘Kingdmusic’ Takalani is a South African Christian/ gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader at Hillsong Church, and businessman.

‘Faithful- acoustic’ is being released at a time where every Christian around the world is preparing for the Easter season. And what a beautiful reminder that Christ always accepts us with all our scars and mistakes. This song embodies Kingdmusic’s life and that of many Christians. God is forever on our side and ready to
bring restoration whenever we fall.

Kingdmusic wrote this song inspired by his faith journey. After losing his brother-in-law in November 2015, his grandmother in September 2016, his father in 2016 November, and two uncles in November 2017, his faith was shaken. He had so many questions for God, not understanding why everyone he loved was being taken away. Worship was the only thing that kept him going through this tough season. That’s when God reminded him that there’s freedom in worship. It’s okay to be vulnerable because Jesus loves us the way we are. We don’t have to pretend we’ve
got everything together. Christ accepts us and sees us with all our scars and mistakes. Kingdmusic sings about this in the chorus of ‘Faithful’.

“My prayer is that you get encouraged by this song and know that you do not have to be perfect before approaching God’s throne. Nothing can stop Him from loving you. There is no height, no depth, and no mountain He will not climb for us. I also pray that this becomes your Easter worship anthem as we remember the sacrifice that Jesus did for mankind”- Kingdmusic

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