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Music: Rodericka Seaman – The Cross

Rodericka Seaman: The Cross
Rodericka Seaman: The Cross

Rodericka Seaman is a gifted and benevolent artist, a British worship leader, song writer and youth mentor. Born in Bermuda in 1983, Rodericka has always embraced the musical roots of her family since the tender age of eight.

One of her most memorable moments was experiencing a sense of tranquility, being surrounded by the mesmerizing atmosphere and expressing her thoughts through her writing.

Rodericka’s blissful voice was revealed live for the first time at age thirteen when she sang ‘There’s a Jesus’, her own twist on Mariah Carey’s  ‘Hero’. During her time at Dunbarton School of Music, she received headline placement in the local newspaper for being an exceptional student.

She experienced a major trajectory when she moved to Germany. She faced many challenges from having to adapt to the new cultures, learning a whole new language, to finding her identity in a new environment.

Fortunately, she met one of the real voices behind Milli Vanilli, John Davis. He was quite an inspiration to her as he led her deeper into the musical realm. In 2016, Rodericka had an epiphany, after deep reflection and thought, she came to the realization that she had not fully committed herself to God. Since then, she made the decision to surrender her life to Christ.

Her music is entwined with a heavenly sound and its lyrical elements draw focus on God’s gift of salvation and the realities of eternity. Rodericka’s single, The Cross, produced by Elvis E. was released end of December 2016.

This single serves much meaning to her, as it reflects her intense passion and compassion for those who have not accepted the love of Christ. As Rodericka delves deeper into her journey, she continues to deliver the unique messages of God through her music.

Download The Cross by Rodericka Seaman and be blessed!



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