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Download Song-Placid Nwokorie LOVE BELLS


Musician, singer and song writer, Placid Nwokorie popularly known as Plaririe is back with a love tune titled Love Bells. In a press statement by him he writes;It’s more than a pleasure to announce the release of another single Love bells. Love bells is a musical story of love, admiration and praise of God’s wonderful work in creation of man and woman.

Like a sculptor, He made man out of the same dust trodden upon by man and first man slipping into oblivion at sight of first woman  ……… God’s own work, declared flesh of my flesh meaning, He made you for me, me for you, Exceedingly happy, he swung into action and inspected – .. ….hands carefully sculptured!’ by the fingers of the most high himself and ultimately found himself at the center of her heart – overwhelmed.

he swore………. I will have you all.Love Bells was written by Plaririe and produced by Phat E Production. The song seeks to send a positive message to everyone that is going to listen to my song, saying Love is the last wish of our savior Christ Jesus. You got to have it, you got to live it!


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