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Bible Study Group Saves Woman from Being Kidnapped


A young woman narrowly escaped being kidnapped , thanks to the help of some friends at the Bible study she was attending.

According to Fox News, the 21-year-old woman was just leaving a Bible study at a house in one of Cleveland’s east side neighborhoods when two men wearing black coats, blue jeans, and ski masks forced her to get into the back seat of her car. When she tried to run away, one of the men reportedly grabbed her by the hood of her coat and pulled her back.

The woman began to kick and scream in an attempt to alert neighbors of her plight. Her efforts ultimately worked and a few of her friends from the Bible study came to her rescue and chased away the would-be kidnappers.

Although this incident did not end in tragedy, it still left residents of the neighborhood deeply unsettled.

“It could have happened to anybody and it’s unfortunate that it happened to somebody I know, and somebody who was just coming here to go to a Bible study at the church,” said neighbor, Sam Hartman.

“It’s a nice area, but it’s frightening to have things happen like that — the Shaker Square bank hold up two weeks ago; they are kind of black marks on what should be a nice neighborhood,” said another resident of the neighborhood, Chris Black.